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Fruit Juice Matters is a non-branded and non-commercial initiative, informing healthcare professionals about surprising health benefits of 100% fruit juices by sharing the latest scientific insights.

Nutrition & bio-availability

What does the evidence say about the nutritional composition of 100% fruit juice, or the bioavailability of its nutrients and bioactives? In this se...

Consumption & Behaviour

Where does 100% fruit juice fit into a balanced diet and what are the benefits for people seeking to improve their fruit and vegetable consumption. ...

Technology & Regulatory

Did you know that the composition of 100% fruit juice is governed by strict regulations and standards? For example, sugar or preservatives are never...

Is the impact of 100% fruit juice more like fruit or a sugar-sweetened beverage?

100% orange juice contains natural sugars but has a lower glycemic index than drinks with similar added sugars.

Fruit Juice Facts

Science and health information on 100% fruit juice

Role of 100% fruit juice in the diet

Drinking 100% FJ is a convenient and delicious way to top up fruit & vegetable consumption, on the go or at mealtimes